Inspiring Home Libraries – Design Ideas for Book Lovers

Home libraries often conjure images of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and rolling ladders, but bookworms can create cozy reading nooks in any sized space with these stylish home library design ideas. Create an impressive yet aesthetically pleasing reading nook for yourself by following our inspiring home library design ideas!

Libraries don’t need to mean built-in shelving; unique shelving designs such as crates can make for a cozy home library like that curated by @kotoelisa.

Color Coordination

Are You an Avid Reader or Simply Looking to Add Cozy Charm? A home library could be the ideal way to do both! From an empty corner in your living room or under your stairs, to creating stylish yet practical solutions for home libraries there are countless ways a library can become part of any space in any home.

If your bookcase serves as the centerpiece of your room, keep the color palette simple. A few framed paintings, decorative accents, and soft seating pieces will help complete the look of your home library.

Home libraries with vibrant hues can add an indulgent and luxurious aesthetic. Choose a soothing green shade like Billiard Green for walls and shelves to create a relaxing reading environment, pairing moody blue hues with luxurious wooden features and glossy finishes for an added pop. Add mirror pieces as accent pieces that catch and reflect light to complete the space.


Home libraries often include high-shelving for large collections. Accessing these shelves is made easy thanks to elegant ladders that look great among books and decorative accents, including ones that fold or articulate for easy use. Some homeowners even choose cabinets or sliding shelves at the base of their shelving units to hide away books they don’t wish on display.

While many book lovers dream of creating the ultimate reading space with floor-to-ceiling shelving brimming with tomes, cozy home libraries can be made in any size room. Blogger Ursula Carmona transformed her parents’ traditional mountain home with built-in shelving and a comfy reading nook made possible by hanging art between shelves as well as providing seating in form of two Barcelona chairs and blanket. Her interior design concept was “prospect and refuge.” (Check out more photos here!)

Decorative Accents

Home libraries have become an aspirational feature of many homeowners’ dreams, yet not every space allows for dedicated book shelving and reading nook. But even those without this much space can enjoy literary ambience by adding stylish home accessories and decorative items that bring the atmosphere home with them.

Add books with personalized titles as decorative accents to any fireplace mantle or coffee table for an eye-catching centerpiece that instantly makes any space into a comfortable reading nook.

No matter your reading space goals, these inspiring designs will provide inspiration. Get in touch with Feldco today and plan for window replacement installation to turn your house into an ideal reading spot!


Home libraries don’t just belong in luxurious properties – anyone with books can create reading spaces anywhere! From kitchen nooks, spare bedrooms or even walk-up attic spaces – anything can become an impressive reading space in their own home library.

Decor in a library does not need to be traditional or overdone; rather, it should reflect its owner’s personal style and preferences. Color shades that invoke relaxation and peace such as soft blues, greens and sandy neutrals work particularly well; wall art with seashells or freestanding globes add travel themes that complement what books you keep on shelves.

Lighting is essential to creating a stylish home library. Choose lighting options like overhead troffers, recessed lights and even interior shelf rope lighting to illuminate books without creating eye strain. Combine different fixtures for optimal illumination – consider layering different lights together to achieve balance in lighting effects – and don’t be afraid to incorporate decorative lamps and sconces for an eclectic touch!

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