Adding Luxury With Gold Plumbing Fixtures

Gold fixtures are back in modern homes for good as they add a really classy style and gives your home the luxurious touch. Gold faucet and accessories in a bathroom is a very nice option to go into either white color scheme or black one, it adds an elegant touch to the bathroom.

The great thing about more modern metallic finishes, such as brushed brass, is that it easily fits into countless styles of décor and design. Layer in more modern metallics, such as this shower head, bath-side robe hook and vanity faucet into your bathroom’s design for a luxurious focal point that’s akin to a chic spectacle – a sophisticated display, if you will.

Sophisticated Aesthetics

Gold has always been considered a token of wealth and luxury, and including it in your interior will not only highlight your heritage but also add a touch of class to the room.

Gold-finish modern bathroom fittings offer a polished, sleek look that complements other finishes and styles, as in this bathroom, where a Brushed Gold bathroom mirror will coordinate with black power outlets and pewter teardrop cabinet handles.

Add golden accents to almost instantly signal luxury and opulence to the bathroom, especially when mixed in with some marble for a sexy mix. Vanity mirrors, soap dispensers and tissue box holders in golden accents will make any bathroom sparkle – not to mention a golden-accented extravagant showerhead, which will help elevate both the aesthetics and experience of your bathroom. This look is always on-trend and instantly upgrades any space!

Sophisticated Finishes

Gold finishes are refined and rich, imparting visual warmth to their surfaces. They complement other metallics and work to balance warm and cool temperatures in a room – a gold finish kitchen faucet plays well with dark blue cabinets in an updated traditional colour scheme.

Unlike older Polished Brass bathroom fixture finishes, these modern Golds have evolved over the years to be softer and more versatile. With porcelain finishes like the ones from the Delta Trinsic and Cassidy collections, you can get a Brushed Gold finish that could be perfect for both contemporary or traditional interiors, as well as blending well with other metals such as Chrome and Stainless Steel.

These new brushed Gold finishes also allow you to co-ordinate the whole bathroom with accessories from Marmolux: theirs has a toilet paper holder that you can mount in any position – portrait or landscape, and it also has a towel bar and a decorative hook, all done in minimalist style that goes with pretty much any colour you have in the room.

Sophisticated Versatility

It’s an easy way to take gold fixtures down for a bath that’s not vintage. Without the right balance, gold fixtures can look out of place with what is clearly a more modern design, and a bathroom that’s not vintage can look cheap with these metallic accents.

No matter your style and taste however, there’ll be a showerhead and a sink faucet – and other bathroom accessories – that meshes with it perfectly. As an added touch, many products also come in renderings of the smooth or knurled variants for you to choose from.

They help create a spa-like feel in the bathroom that will help you relax when you step in for a bath, and also reflect light to keep the room bright. Not to mention that gold shower heads go with a variety of styles (it’s easy to mix and match traditional and contemporary looks) and will continue to look elegant for years to come.

Versatile Design

Gold highlights the bathroom’s decor level. This timeless material is applied to its fittings and accessories such as showerheads/mixers, taps, towel rails and hooks to become a meaningful finishing touch primely for different styles.

Whether you are someone who prefers the sleek look of polished finishes or the more rustic aesthetics of brushed ones, gold finishes offer distinguished looks and are also very workable because they are hard to tarnish and relatively easy to maintain. Brushed gold is easy to maintain because its naturally texture makes it more mineral-repellent than shiny finishes.

When you design the master bathroom in your house, make it look special. Use golden fixtures with other items of the decor, it will make one of the most used rooms in your home elegant and luxurious.

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