Buying a Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets can be an investment, so when making this significant purchase, select one with solid brass construction and an attractive finish like stainless steel or bronze for optimal durability.

Chrome sinks have long been considered timeless classics, always looking pristine and new for years. Meanwhile, matte finishes tend to hide fingerprints and smudges better while repelling water spots more efficiently. Our top choice even repels water spots to help maintain an ideal appearance!

Easy to Operate

As opposed to older fixtures with separate hot and cold handles controlled by individual levers, today’s faucet designs enable users to control both temperature and flow with just one handle – ideal for busy families! It makes temperature adjustment and flow management simple even with your hands full with rutabagas or cupcake pans!

Finishes provide you with endless design possibilities when selecting kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel and bronze help mask fingerprints while nickel and matte-black create sleek contemporary styles. Furthermore, newer models often resist oil that causes smudges and stains for easier cleanup.

Installing a kitchen faucet requires following its installation instructions carefully and switching off your main shutoff valve – usually under your sink – prior to beginning work. In case there are issues later on, save all parts and instructions just in case.


A sturdy kitchen faucet should withstand daily use without wear and tear, with finish and materials playing an integral role. A stainless steel faucet, for example, offers great resistance against corrosion and rust; additionally it boasts an easy cleaning surface and requires little upkeep; however it may become susceptible to scratches or water spots if not cleaned regularly.

Brass kitchen faucets are often coated in chrome or nickel plating to increase durability and protect them against scratches. Other metals, such as copper or zinc may be more suitable – though less resilient – than plastic or chrome finishes that purport to resemble stainless steel but in reality don’t.


Kitchen faucets come in many styles and options to fit the style and needs of both your space and lifestyle. Spout designs may be dramatic or subdued, and arc height can differ significantly.

The type of valve determines the basic functioning and capabilities of any fixture, with different cartridge styles offering different capabilities than compression faucets in terms of up/down movement and reduced maintenance needs.

Side sprayers are an indispensable feature, enabling you to direct water pressure exactly where needed for tasks like scrubbing dishes, washing vegetables or tackling tough grime. You can find them on pull-out faucets with extendable hoses or goosenecks; or single control spouts which provide all-in-one solutions – perfect for traditional as well as modern kitchen decor alike and saving space thanks to easy installation!


This faucet provides strong water pressure and features one handle to control both temperature and flow. Its modern design makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen; the only drawback may be challenging touch sensors.

A faucet’s valve controls how hot or cold your water will be, with four types to choose from: ball, cartridge, ceramic disc and compression. Ceramic disk valves are considered superior as they lock together tightly to seal leaks away and ensure no drips occur.

This model’s finish is also durable and easy to keep clean, with options like brushed bronze and matte black hiding fingerprints while chrome and stainless steel shine bright. Plus, its low arc makes it ideal for small spaces such as shelving or window sills that could block installation of taller faucets.

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