Designing and Building Custom Outdoor Living Spaces and Patios

An outdoor living space can be the heart of your home – for both entertaining and relaxation purposes alike. Not only will it add value to your property, but it can be the place where friends and family congregate to gather.

An expert design/build team is the key to ensuring an unified style across your outdoor spaces and patios, such as rooflines, siding, and trim.

Design Concepts

An outdoor living space allows you to expand the functional square footage of your home without undertaking an expensive room addition, and also adds value.

These spaces often consist of furniture, grills and fireplaces but can go much further. Now they can include televisions, full outdoor kitchens and dining areas worthy of any restaurant, with fire pits that rival works of art as the center piece.

These spaces should be distinct from your yard or garden while still accessible to guests. A low wall may help define this space while gates may also work to divide off this section of space.


Gayler professionals use various materials to craft beautiful outdoor living spaces that provide both relaxation and socialization opportunities for you and your guests.

Central points can be established in an outdoor living space using furniture, water features and focal points such as rose trellises. They may also be designated with patio floor materials, pathways or elegant roof extensions that ties your space directly back to your home.

Patios are usually constructed of concrete or more luxurious materials like paver or stamped concrete, offering sleek, modern and high-end looks with low maintenance needs. Natural stone offers an organic vibe for an appealing patio surface option.


Homeowners typically create outdoor living spaces to host guests and need seating that will comfortably seat family and friends. An arrangement with two sofas centered around a coffee table works well on virtually all patios.

Make the most of social gatherings in your front yard by creating a paved social space complete with beverage cart and seating options to relax or interact with neighbors. A shaded pergola or trellis provides privacy without blocking views or natural light in other parts of the garden.

If you want to add dining and cooking opportunities to your outdoor space, consider installing an outdoor kitchen complete with grill, oven, sink, refrigerator and even fire features for those chilly evenings.


Expanding your indoor design outdoors is more than a visual upgrade – it also increases functionality. From creating relaxing nooks, entertaining spaces or poolside bars – there are endless ways to add personality and flair!

Lighting is an integral component of outdoor living spaces. Lighting serves a practical function by helping cooks see what they are cooking while guests can navigate around safely at night without fear of falling into pools!

Lighting overhead can create ambient lighting. By strategically hanging lights over dining or seating areas, overhead lighting can transform an outdoor space into an Italian piazza or French cafe. Lighting also helps define areas and identify spots where an accident could take place.

Water Features

An outdoor living space enhanced with water features is sure to increase its appeal and promote relaxation, whether that means adding a bubbling brook, outdoor waterfall or even swimming pool into its design. Water elements make an impressive statement and promise an exciting addition.

Water’s soothing power becomes even more relaxing after dark when its reflective surface and submerged lighting create a magical ambience. If you live on a busy street, installing a waterfall or fountain may help cover up noise from cars or neighbors that would otherwise interfere with relaxation.

Kids of all ages love water play! From simple pebble pits and shallow pools, to playhouses, multi-sport courts, outdoor kitchens or bars; kids will have endless hours of entertainment playing in water this summer! To give their backyard the feel of a resort-like space you could even add playhouses, multi-sport courts or an outdoor kitchen/bar!

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