Remodel Concepts for Aging in Place Bathrooms

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, there are a number of options available. These include ADA-compliant products, Curbless showers, and grab bars. You’ll also find low pile, slip-resistant bath mats, benches and stools, and glass shower doors.

Grab bars around the toilet

Grab bars can be a good way to protect your safety while staying in your home. However, they are not necessary for every household. You may want to have them installed only in areas that are high-risk. The bathroom is a good example.

Bathrooms are tricky spaces, and seniors need support. Installing a grab bar around the toilet can help to make the experience safer.

There are many types of grab bars available, and you should be able to find the right one for you. Some will fold up, allowing you to use both arms. Others are designed to be flush against the wall.

Toilet grab bars should be long enough to allow the user to easily reach them. They should also be stable. If a grab bar isn’t stable, it could cause a fall. Adding reinforcement to the wall behind the grab bar can help keep it in place.

Glass shower door instead of a shower curtain

A glass shower door is a great choice for your aging in place bathroom. Not only will it increase privacy, it’ll also help mitigate the risks of falls. Falls are the leading cause of fatalities among senior citizens.

Shower curtains have been the standard for showers for years. They provide convenience and practicality, and they are easy to clean. However, they don’t offer as much protection as glass doors.

Glass shower doors come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern. If you’re looking for a more sleek and sophisticated look, choose a frameless model. These types of doors are a lot easier to clean and will help keep water from running out of your shower.

Low pile, slip-resistant bath mats with rubber backing

There are many reasons to purchase low pile, slip-resistant bath mats with rubber backing for aging in place bathrooms. For instance, they can protect elderly people from slipping, reduce the risk of falling and improve safety. They are also easy to clean and wash.

Rubber mats offer excellent traction, which makes them great for both the elderly and the entire family. This particular model of mat offers a neutral look.

The material is non-toxic, mold and mildew resistant and can be machine washed. It is a perfect choice for the bathroom.

If you are searching for a non-slip shower mat for the aging in place bathroom, you should consider the Epica anti-slip bath mat. With hundreds of suction cups, this mat is sure to stay in place.

Curbless showers

Curbless showers are a great choice for an aging in place bathroom. They are also perfect for those recovering from surgery. A curbless shower is an open-concept area that can be fully integrated with the rest of the bathroom.

If you are designing a bathroom for your elderly loved ones, it is important to make sure it meets their needs. This can be done by adding grab bars, installing a night light, or widening the doorways.

It’s also essential to include ambient lighting to make the room safer. Use sconces on either side of the mirror for optimal illumination.

You can also increase your privacy by installing a curtain or frosted glass. These are all relatively inexpensive options.

Seats, stools, and benches

As we get older, our physical abilities tend to change. One of the best ways to keep us safe is to invest in the right bathroom equipment. Having the right seats, stools and benches in the right locations can be a lifesaver, both for you and your loved ones. The right devices can also make you feel more at home in your own home.

This may be an old hat for many of you, but the bathroom can be a dangerous place. The average person can fall in the shower or toilet, and the number of such injuries has risen by about 1.5% a year in recent years.

ADA-compliant products

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom for aging in place purposes, you may want to think about installing ADA-compliant products. Whether you’re upgrading to a new sink, shower, or toilet, these types of fixtures can help you meet your aging in place needs.

These bathrooms are often minimalist and open, which can make them a nice space for everyone. However, you should also consider a few safety tips to ensure that your remodeling project is a success.

Besides ADA-compliant products, you might also want to add anti-slip mats to your bathroom. They can prevent falls and accidents.

Also, you might want to install a low-threshold walk-in shower. This allows better stability and avoids the need for shower doors.

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