Furniture Trends for 2023 – Finding Your Style

Furniture trends for 2023 should include anything from small accent chairs nestled into cozy bedroom nooks to larger statement seating pieces – here are a few trends sure to stand the test of time!

Colorful Furnishings

Furniture color trends evolve over time, yet some timeless colors remain popular regardless of any particular decade or trend. Blue has always been popular and remains so in 2023; muted shades such as navy and robin’s egg blue are particularly sought-after; olive green and yellow ocher (a favorite color of Bob Ross) also remain trendsetting options.

Earthy tones are becoming increasingly fashionable in home finishes and upholstery design, particularly wood finishes. Shades such as brown, beige, terracotta and moss can all create an organic yet natural style in the room if incorporated appropriately. By welcoming these hues into your decor and upholstery choices it is possible to bring nature-inspired elements into your space and bring life back into it!

Darker tones such as black and charcoal are making a comeback, too. Milk paints like Old Lilac or Cerulean Blue provide you with the freedom to experiment with this trend without fear that the paint color will become outdated too quickly. Plus, painting your furniture is an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing new pieces!

Geometric Patterns

Bold colors and combinations will remain an influential trend in 2023. Deep reds, cobalt blues, and emerald greens will remain popular choices for upholstery and accent pieces while earthy shades such as avocado and burnt orange are also fashionable choices.

Furniture designs with patterns will add visual interest and create an eclectic aesthetic in their space, and floral motifs, playful polkadots and geometric shapes are among the many great patterns available that can easily be mixed and matched to create this effect.

DIY furnishings have quickly become one of the hottest furniture trends, offering a cost-cutting and stylish way to personalize your home without breaking the bank. Popular examples of this trend are wall art, repurposed cabinets and boho chic storage. Sustainability remains an important concern among many homeowners as evidenced by recycled furniture trends such as biophilic styles that bring nature into our living rooms.

Curved Lines

If you’re on the market for new furniture or decor pieces that incorporate curved lines into their decor, consider including them into your scheme. Designers indicate this trend will remain prevalent into 2023 – softening pieces and adding fluidity to rooms alike.

Another furniture design trend for 2023 is patterns and prints, particularly bold geometric shapes and floral motifs. These bold pieces pair beautifully with other types of furniture pieces such as chairs and sofas; further adding visual interest can be achieved by upholstering one with velvet or tweed fabrics for upholstery.

Natural and warm tones have seen a revival this year, replacing the cool color palettes which had dominated in previous years. Look out for earthy hues like green and brown for cozy feel in any room, while eco-friendly furniture such as bamboo provides stylish alternatives to traditional wood furnishings that is sustainable as well as fashionable.

Vintage and Antique Furnishings

Furniture can serve more than one function in your home; it can also reflect your unique sense of style. That’s why 2023 furniture trends focus on adding personality-driven styles into homes; whether that’s brightly-hued patterned fabrics or curvier shapes, 2023 styles will surely bring eye-catching appeal.

2023 will see another popular furniture trend: vintage or antique furnishings. These pieces can add a sense of history and nostalgia, creating an authentic and personal atmosphere in any room they inhabit. Furthermore, these high-quality pieces often possess timeless appeal that make their appeal irresistible.

Sustainable furniture and home furnishings will become ever more crucial over time. From recycled materials to low impact performance fabrics, furniture manufacturers will focus this year on minimizing their environmental footprint – especially high-end bespoke brands like Abner Henry that uses locally harvested wood in creating stunning made-to-order furniture (pictured). Abner Henry partners with Aid to Artisans to give economic opportunity to traditional artisans.

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