How to Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start changing and pumpkin-flavored everything begins appearing at the grocery store. While it can be tempting to long for those warm summer days, don’t let us forget the beauty that comes with autumn.

Add some cozy fall decor to your home this season for an even cozier atmosphere. From candles and diffusers to light fixtures, window treatments, and more – here are 21 ideas to make your space extra cozy this season.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures in your home can create an inviting atmosphere and express your personal style in a meaningful way.

Create a cozy atmosphere by using lights with warm autumnal hues and inviting scents. Candles are always popular, but LED lanterns offer brighter light without the mess.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can make a dramatic impact on the atmosphere in your home. Not only do they block out sunlight, regulate indoor temperature and noise levels, but they also add visual interest for an even cozier space.

When selecting window treatment material and color, as well as any special features that might meet your needs, the type of window treatment you select will depend on a number of factors. Light control and budget should both be taken into consideration when making your selection.


When the temperature drops, it’s time to break out those cozy throw blankets and oversized pillows. Add some sherpa fleece or faux fur for extra warmth, and your home will feel like a welcoming hug.

Add fall-inspired colors like rusty red and burnt orange to your home for a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, copper accents can help give off an organic vibe in your space.


Make this fall the season to invest in some cozy throw blankets for your home. Use them on the bed, tuck them behind chairs or drape them over sofa arms to bring an air of coziness and warmth into your living space.

When testing blankets, Good Housekeeping Institute analysts assess each product’s construction as well as how well it feels and performs when used. They also verify if they’re easy to clean and can withstand laundering.


Runners are an excellent way to make your home cozy for autumn. Not only do they add a layer of plushness, but they also keep the room looking stylish and put together at once.

Are you training for a marathon or just want to run 5Ks, signing up for an autumn race is an effective way to stay motivated and set new personal records. Not only that, but it’s also fun and challenging!

Area Rugs

Area rugs are an easy way to create a cozier atmosphere in any room. Not only do they anchor furniture, create an eye-catching design and bring texture, but they can also serve as decoration.

They can also act as an effective insulator and reduce noise in a room. Non-carpeted floors absorb sound and echoes, which is especially beneficial for busy families with young children or pets.

They’re also an effective way to conceal stains or imperfections on carpet, hardwood or tile flooring. This is particularly helpful if you’re redecorating your home without breaking the bank.

Extra Seating

Add extra seating around the fireplace for some cozy comfort in colder months. Whether it’s an oversized sofa or cozy bench, these upholstered additions will allow you to take full advantage of the season without compromising comfort levels.

The great thing about effective seating solutions is that they’re simple to implement and can be adjusted as needed. Plus, they’re an opportunity for you to express your individual style – try adding some throw pillows in bright fall colors or turning a favorite heirloom quilt into the focal point of the room with some DIY clever touches.


Quilts are an ideal way to bring cozy warmth and nostalgic nostalgia into your home. Pile them up on your bed or display them as decorative pieces to bring a touch of tradition into your living room.

Quilts make a great decoration choice for your walls. Add some visual interest with vibrant or patterned quilts in more contemporary rooms, and opt for simple neutral ones when designing with traditional design elements.

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