Garden Plants That Need Less Care

There are a number of garden plants that require less attention than others. Some are annuals, which only live for a single growing season and must be replaced every year. Others are perennials, which will live for years. Some perennials need deadheading or division every few years. You can also naturalize bulbs, which provide seasonal color and require little care.

Sedums, for example, are low maintenance and can be used in rock gardens and borders. They are also very drought-tolerant once established. Coneflowers, also known as hardy perennial geraniums, are attractive, drought-resistant plants that bloom early in the spring. Their dainty flowers attract bees, butterflies, and birds.

Another type of garden plant that requires less maintenance is the herb family. Most herbs are perennial, which means that you can plant them once and they will come back the next year. These plants are also very useful in the kitchen. Some herbs, such as rosemary, are easy to grow in most climate zones.

Another type of garden plant that requires little care is the sweetbay magnolia. This tree thrives in partial shade and is a good choice if the climate is moist. Other varieties of low-maintenance plants include sweetspire, inkberry, and roof iris. If you live in a dry climate, choose azaleas or other plants that do best with dry conditions.

If you have a large yard, spireas are a great choice. Their foliage is drought-resistant, and they are easy to dig and transplant. They have beautiful blooms during spring and summer. They grow in a wide range of soil types and can tolerate a little heat. Their blooms are also fragrant.

The English bluebell is another low-care plant that requires little attention. This tree can easily take over a small garden if allowed to grow. It is tolerant of rocky soil and can survive two weeks without water. They need sun to part shade and well-drained soil. However, they don’t grow as tall as you would like them to.

Another low-care plant is the silver ragwort. This plant makes a striking statement in any garden. It has foliage that turns green-gray in shady areas, but its flowers stay bright yellow until the first frost. The silver ragwort doesn’t require full sunlight and is a deer-resistant plant.

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