At-Home Wellness – Creating Your Own Spa Retreat

Imagine waking up to sunrise yoga classes, reiki healing sessions and meditation lectures without paying an exorbitant wellness retreat price tag! Thanks to technology, now you can enjoy these benefits without leaving home!

Start by donning a soft fair trade organic cotton kimono robe like that offered by Under the Canopy. Next, set aside an enjoyable space in your home such as a spa-inspired bathroom.

Set the Scene

Retreats typically take place in natural settings to encourage calmness and help alleviate daily stresses, but you can get similar benefits by allocating one day exclusively for wellness in your calendar – simply count down until then!

Make an at-home retreat weekend happen. Invite a friend and set aside Friday evening through Sunday afternoon as the date for this relaxing experience. Arrange for childcare while turning off all phones to make this eventful stay unforgettable.

If you have a bath tub, fill it up with warm water and add essential oils or aromatherapy scents such as lavender to create relaxing aromatherapy scents. Add an aromatic candle for added ambience. Remove clutter from your bathroom so distractions do not hinder relaxation; to complete this experience orient sofa or chair towards windows so you can take in the view while unwinding.

Create a Spa-like Environment

No matter if it is for an all-out wellness retreat or just some hours of self-care, creating the ideal environment is key to helping you relax. Not only can noise, scents and overall ambiance help soothe, but calming colors, soft music and aromatherapy all provide additional layers of soothing ambience.

Consider setting up a room with separate shower and tub to create the ultimate spa-like experience. When possible, select a spot which offers peace and privacy to allow yourself to fully unwind.

Eliminate clutter from the room, then light it with a combination of warm and cool-toned lamps with dimmers for control. Add fragrance with lavender, mandarin orange or frankincense essential oils in a diffuser for relaxation purposes or lemongrass ginger or eucalyptus oils for an invigorating boost.

Design for Leisure offers a selection of system-built products designed to elevate the experience of creating the ultimate home spa and sauna.

Soak in a Hot Bath

Nothing beats a relaxing bath to soothe both body and mind. Add bubbles, your favorite book and perhaps some music for ambience and it is sure to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience. Just ensure the water temperature does not dry your skin or put too much strain on cardiovascular system – as this would ruin all the good feelings from being submerged under its warmth!

If a wellness sabbatical is out of your budget, there are still ways you can reap its benefits at home. Take inspiration from activities offered at spa retreats or destination wellness sabbaticals when planning an at-home getaway with Design for Leisure’s European-designed wellness solutions that enable homeowners to create their own private wellness space that can be accessed anytime of day or night.

Delight Your Nose

At-home wellness retreats allow you to “unplug” without leaving the comfort of your own home. While a destination wellness sabbatical may not be feasible due to budget or family obligations, an at-home retreat can provide much-needed respite from stress and anxiety during this coronavirus pandemic.

As part of your at-home wellness retreat, try turning off the TV and scheduling time for meditation and aromatherapy – inhaling scents from candles or diffusing essential oils is known to relax muscles, relieve pain and reduce headaches. Position furniture towards windows so you have some perspective, or upgrade your bathroom with Dornbracht Spa Solutions’ water applications so you can take full advantage of a shower or bath experience.

Try Mindfulness Apps

An idyllic spa retreat can provide much-needed rest and relaxation, but it may not always be financially accessible or practical. Luckily, there are ways you can create your own wellness retreat at home.

Make use of mindfulness apps to focus on living in the moment and reduce stress. One such popular app is Headspace, offering hundreds of guided meditations from sleep to anxiety reduction and more.

Mind Moose provides children with an interactive journey into mental wellbeing by showing them that feelings come from thoughts. If they challenge negative beliefs they can alter how they feel.

Swimply also allows you to experience local pool life without leaving home by renting one by the hour. Simply enter your address to search local pools near you.

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