Small Bathroom Designs

Despite their small size, some designers create a big impression with their small bathroom designs. A wall-hung toilet and dark floor create the illusion of space, while the vivid lights and neutral color palette provide comfort to the owners. Soft grey marble tiles add texture and interest. In this example, the sink and cabinet are from IKEA, while the shower curtain is from Target. Using a single focal point, such as a bathtub or soaking tub, can give a small bathroom a big impact.

Although small bathrooms may be challenging, they can look very beautiful, cozy, and comfortable. A small bathroom layout requires fewer square feet, which makes it cheaper to remodel, easier to clean, and more attractive. Using clever design ideas, you can create an elegant, functional space that is just right for your needs. Here are some ideas for a small bathroom:

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small bathroom is to build shelving units and cabinets in the wall. A shelf installed between the toilet and the wall provides additional storage space. The designer also chose marble tub tiles that match the wall opposite it, and beehive tiles for the floor. The bathroom has sleek lines and a marble countertop, while a large mirror over the sink and a faint yellow wall creates an illusion of space.

Adding wainscoting on walls lends a classic look. Use wallpaper with a tropical or graphic pattern to give the room a splash of color. A pedestal sink takes up less floor space than a large vanity, and is visually more attractive and balanced when complemented by white paneling. It also blends in with the paneling, creating the illusion of more space. These small bathroom designs will help you save space and feel great about yourself.

Sunken tubs are another great option for small bathrooms. A small shower can be done in a triangle, which saves space and adds to the overall effect of space. Other ideas include using wall-mounted sinks and floating vanities. Mirrors on the walls can also make a small bathroom look bigger. Mirrors can also be placed over a vanity, and they also work well along the side of a narrow bathroom. And don’t forget to add baskets for towels or toiletries.

In addition to adding light and a decorative element to a small bathroom, you can also install a glass wall. This design idea is reminiscent of Japanese Shoji screens. The glass is made of opaque laminated glass to give you total privacy. You can also turn the lights on in either room. This can turn a small bathroom into a dramatic lighting feature. If you don’t have the space to add a glass wall, a large wall mirror will help you create an illusion of space.